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5 Bad Habits Destroying Your Focus

5 bad habits destroying your focus
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5 Bad Habits Destroying Your Focus

Sometimes we have to have ample information in our mind as well as competing for first concerns, starting from the moment we wake up till we go back to bed. Technology has enduringly turned up the volume as well as the portion of noise which penetrates human lives. The existing political scenario has intensely impacted the focus of the staff as well as productivity. Employees are sending the reports allocating 2 hours daily, reading more or less 14-21 political posts on the internet. This is why it is needed to be more intentional in what way we should spend or allocate out precious time as well as to which way direct out energy. This skill to concentrate on our first concerns is mostly in our hands. The routine choice we carry out drives our focus or our diversions.

According to Harvard Business Review studies it is being understood that digital disturbances and non-productive meetings interfere with our concentration in the office.

At an individual level, mentioned below 5 habits which one can undergo today to enhance your mental health.

  1. Intake of Enough Water: Dehydration leads to impaired focus. It is the root cause of low in energy, hormonal imbalance, severe headaches as well as fatigue. It is advised to drink 50-75% of our body weight in ounces based on geographical nature (dry or humid) also our activity level.
  2. Sleep Enough. An individual’s ability to concentrate as well as recall info is straightforwardly associated with the quality of his/her sleep. Not having proper brain recovery time, will lead to a situation where an individual would not be able to keep his/her attention for a longer duration of time.
  3. Cut overloading of Sugar & Carbs. This is the nature of our brain to get addicted to processed as well as sugary foods. Sugar is a simple form of carb which releases a flow of endorphins which makes a human body feels good for a brief period and then we crash. Human being takes this sugar-filled ride of roller coaster filled with lows a high, which pushes us to stop or quit what we are doing to look for more and more sugar.
  4. Stop being captive to Social Media. It is proved that social media is associated with depression due to various reasons. The desire to manage various platforms turning out to be overpowering and people address feeling out of control. Users continuously correlating with others, nevertheless, they skilfully know that certain posts solely show a part of an individual’s real story. Users measure they’re being famous or popularity with the count of friends/followers in their list as well as interactions they get on posts. Their offline relations deteriorate which leads to stress in their lives. Their brains are active 24*7 and filled with information.

Due to these things, there are several activities like social media detoxification programs that are coming up to get rid of such problems.

  1. Avoid Multitasking. Multitasking leads the brain to split into various tasks a person is trying to complete together. While the right and the left sides of the prefrontal cortex works in sync while focused on a single task, the sides work individually when an individual put endeavor to carry out to tasks at a go, leading to lower performance.

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