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Asking Question: First Step Towards Innovation

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Asking Question: First Step Towards Innovation

Intelligent questions inspire, stimulate, educate and motivates a person. Questions are considered as the best approach to achieve profound knowledge as well as cultivates additional innovative solutions. A child learns by seeking for answers to various questions, a student asks several questions to clarify doubts, new joinee understand an organization well by asking questions, innovators find out the needs of the customers by asking questions. As this is the easiest as well as the most effective approach of learning. Even brilliant thinkers never hold them back their curiosity and ask questions as they know this is the best possible approach to achieve profound insights.

According to Google CEO, Eric Schmidt, the company is running on the basis of questions rather than answers. He understands well that when someone keeps asking a question one can keep looking for better and even better responses.

It was understood that when Greg Dyke turned out to be Director-General of the BBC in the year 2000 he commutes to every big location and gathered its staff. They turned up expecting an extensive presentation. He just sat down with the crowd and asked a question, “What is the one thing which he should do to make things better for them?” Then he just listened. His next question was, “what is the one thing he should do to make things better for the viewers and listeners?” He always knew at the initial years of his work he can learn a lot from his employee instead of giving knowledge to them. The employees at the BBC truly had wonderful ideas which they were keen to share. The actuality is that the new chief took his time to question and then listening earned him huge respect.

Columbo was able to solve big mysteries by seeking answers to many questions, and the same is the approach for all the great detectives- in reality, and fiction. Each great inventor, as well as scientists, asked an ample amount of questions. Isaac Newton wanted to know, “Why does an apple fall from a tree? Also, “Why does the moon not fall into the Earth?” Charles Darwin wanted to know, “Why do the Galapagos islands have so many living species which is not found in any other place?” Question asked by the great Einstein that, “What would the universe seem like if I rode through it on a beam of light?” By seeking answers to these types of basic questions they were able to initiate the procedure which followed their overwhelming signs of progress.

Renowned philosophers give away their entire life seeking knowledge through questions about the meaning of life, morality, truth and many other things. The idea is not to be deep in your thoughts although one should, however, ask the intense questions about the incidences we encounter in life. This is the best possible approach to get the answer or information we are required to make decisions on the basis of information’s and for the people working in sales, it is solely the most crucial expertise they need to win over.


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