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Average Worker Spends 51% of Each Workday on These 3 Unnecessary Tasks

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Average Worker Spends 51% of Each Workday on These 3 Unnecessary Tasks

The main reason why people keep on saying ‘I don’t have time’ or ‘time is running’, is due to the fact that they are mostly not less than half of every day on time-wasting activities. Below mentioned the culprits and few plain solutions to get regain the time which people otherwise intended to waste.

1. Useless travel

It is being studied by the US Census Bureau, that in the year 2018, the standard one side travel to the office is around 27 minutes, which is close to 6 minutes extra than in the year 1980. That is simply the average, which turns out to be that few of us are paying out often larger than that. There are individuals who travel for more than 3 hours to work one way. Although few jobs, just like maintenance of equipment, needs a staff member to be present on the site, most of the office work can be administered from a home office. Hence, a number of individual’s time used in traveling to work gets wasted.

2. Useless Meetings

On the basis of a study conducted at MIT, a regular employee spends near about 22 years of his 45-year career attending meetings. An approximately third of that hour is being given to meetings which are not worth as it does not add any value. By the time the regular employee retires, he would have already spent not less than 7 years in such unnecessary meetings, which turns out to be nearly 16% of the time one would have spent at the job all along with his life.

3. Useless Emails

Forbes organized one study and found out that a regular office employee gives 2.5 hours per day reading as well as answering to an average of more than 200 emails, out of which nearly 144 emails, which are marked mostly CCs and BCCs does not even relate to their profile of work. Considering the regular office employee gives 2.5 hours per day reading and writing emails, which is nearly 1.8 hours given to those unnecessary emails, which turn out to be a massive 10 long years being spent on those useless emails, which turn out to be around 23% of career 45 years of an individual. If we sum up all of those it turns out to be an immense waste of time as well as approximately 51% of an individual’s working life. We could have spent these many hours in something productive or fruitful. It is ideal to look out for work from home job opportunities. It is being suggested that remotely working official’s productivity is much higher than the on-site employees, without even considering the time they waste on traveling. Time could be saved by initiating efficient meeting culture at the workplace. Meetings which does not have a concrete agenda should not be celebrated. Also, meeting times could be restricted to 30 minutes if not that important. A meeting should be such which adds value to the participants. By limiting the number of emails each employee per day will help the situation.

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