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Look Into Daily Routine of Elon Musk

daily routine of elon musk
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Look Into Daily Routine of Elon Musk

Elon Musk co-founder, CEO of Tesla Motors and SpaceX, also the founder of The boring Company and Neuralink, is considered to be the busiest business person on earth. It is harmless to say Musk is a productive person as his day starts with a planned routine. He takes six hours of sleep, which is considered enough for a human brain to work actively throughout a day. His sleeping habits do not change even during a hectic busy day. He gets up at 7 a.m. and focuses on his “critical emails” for not less than half an hour. He prefers emails over calls whenever it is possible. He mostly relies on emails or text for replying or answering. Once he said jokingly, ‘Email is my core competency’. He drinks his coffee as he feels it is a good booster and he does not mind having a few cups of coffee during a day. However, most mornings he is so much busy to have his breakfast. After that, the billionaire who is 45 years of old who is also considered as tech icon bids goodbye to his 5 sons and makes sure he sends them to school. Then, he takes a shower and be ready to drive to the office.

His first calls in the mornings are about spending time discussing engineering and designs. This is Elon Musk’s routine, as stated while his interview with Glassdoor. This website lately ranked employee’s favorite CEOs where Musk was positioned at the 8th rank having 98% approval ratings, knocking off the regular CEO approval ratings which are 67%. (Glassdoor)

Musk believes in scheduling the rest of the day, he has to tirelessly plan. He keeps an utterly specific schedule for each day. He schedules each day in 5-minute gaps also continuously optimizing it for efficiency. This is his productivity recommendation for every individual as well. According to Musk one has to concentrate on the signal rather than the noise. He stresses that one should not waste time on the things which in reality will not be fruitful not it is going to make things better. For him, the ‘signal’ is profit or commodity development, on which he devotes the bulk of his concentration, told to Y Combinator’s president, Sam Altman, during an interview. He keeps himself busy in the insanely productive meetings. Musk believes in limiting his meetings to solely parties which are 100% essential. He is being a popular employer who removes individuals who do not contribute.

He also says in his opinion several masses believe he should spend ample time with media talking about business things, but in reality, a major chunk of his time, nearly 80% of it, he spends on engineering as well as design. This is because, these two helps create or develop Gen-next products, which is 80% of it. In his leisure time, he likes to watch films, play with his kids and hang out with his friends and family. He utilizes the ‘first principles of thinking’. Musk prefers to keep trying to understand the elemental things behind a novice idea. This minimizes the time required to grasp a new concept down the line.


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