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How You Want To Be Known After Death

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How You Want To Be Known After Death

Whenever we walk through a cemetery or a graveyard, most of us definitely have the habit of reading the names of the dead people including the year in which they were born or dead. Well, that is quite obvious as human beings are always curious to know about everything. However, there is 99% chance that you will not recognize the people after reading their names and probably forget about them after sometime. But this is not the same in case of some well – known people who are popular all over the world. For instance, when you walk past William Shakespeare or Steve Job’s grave, you will never ignore it and will definitely pay your respects as well.

Another hard fact about life is that every one of us will be dead one day. What matters here is that how you want to be known after your death. Do you want an unknown graveyard engraved in your name or do you want to have one like that of War cemetery heroes or other well – known people. We have got only one life so we should definitely make the most out of it. But that does not mean that you need to be a famous celebrity in order to be known after your death. You can simply make your name by doing little things which are the trailblazers for the welfare of the society. I have never visited Rajasthan, India but one of my friends told me about a very interesting fact related to the beautiful state. He said that almost every road or lane in Rajasthan consists of free water facilities meant for the public. And the astonishing fact here is that these facilities have not been arranged by the Government but a few people. So, these people have already made a mark for themselves in history. People are going to remember them even after their death because of the social welfare which they did during their lifetime.

So, as it has been mentioned above, you can start making a name by doing simple things. Good things always grab attention and so will you if your intentions are good. So, what option are you thinking about to make a name for yourself even after your death? Do let us know in the comments section.

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