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Dos & Don’ts: Evaluating, Accepting, Rejecting, or Negotiating a Job Offer

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Dos & Don’ts: Evaluating, Accepting, Rejecting, or Negotiating a Job Offer

According to John Lees, a UK based career strategist also an author of “The Success Code”, if an employer lengthens a job offer for an individual, he believes that in essence, ‘he might have fell for that person or in other word like the person. He says the employer might have psychologically faithful towards the employee, and due to that this moment should be dealt critically. This could be due to an employee’s expertise levels or some other talents which the employer attracted to and do not want the employee just leave. It is actually advantageous for a company to have talents to be intact in the company for obviously company growth.

He further says, at this moment the employee has added leverage to devise his/her job description and expect hike in the salary also the benefits packages “exactly after employee has been proposed an offer which the employee might have received during the first two years of his/her employment. According to Jeff Weiss, president of Lesley University also the author of the HBR Guide to Negotiate proposes that assessing a job proposal is always not that straight, notably about an employee’s objectives. One should give a thought about the proposal’s terms of individual development, the quality of life, and the assortment of the job one would want to pursue. This is very much true that no job will throughout be perfect for an individual, hence the larger picture of the assessment needs one to “give a thought about the negotiations the employee/seeker would be willing to drive. Find below few tips to assist you to assess if the job is the best fit for you.


  • Giving a thought about what exactly one expects out of the job and utilise this as a foundation to decide the components of the proposal one would like to modify.
  • One has to be selective on what one push back on
  • Make use of the typical negotiation methods by expanding the cost of the things which one is prepared to agree on and reducing the things one seeks.


  • One has to be very critical or apprehensive while questioning substance of an offer.
  • One should neglect to deal with the his/her walkaway options.
  • Red flags should be avoided. In case an individual’s due diligence and instinct announces that its job should not be taken, one should preference to that.

An employee proposes his/her resignation, and an expert recruiter or an HR personnel would talk to the employee to look for an option that the employee does not leave the company. The negotiations might come in the form of monetary benefits; a raised or enhanced job title or a guarantee of an improved work environment. An employee has to take care of the situation well. He/she has to assess his/her future plans as which job profile or job description would suit best for his/her future growth. Proposal for an expert talent is complementary and being allured by that and staying back is entirely reasonable.


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