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Dressing Style at Workplace

dressing style at workplace
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Dressing Style at Workplace

This question is being asked by several people on various social webpages like Quora. Providing answers to that Bernie Klinder, who is an entrepreneur as well as an investor, says that among various strong and impressive chunks of career advice which she has got is preparing oneself for treating each day at the office like appearing in a job interview.

It is believed that a person is continuously assessing and re-examines by each person he/she is surrounded by what if the person likes it or not. The way a person dresses to work transmits numerous signals around like the way he/she views the environment, the percentage of admiration one has for his/her work as well as himself/herself, which group one labels with as well where one thinks he/she belongs. Thus, in case one dresses more likewise his/her peer group one aspires to, and barely like the one already into, the person is surely transmitting strong message or signals that this person sees himself/herself into the other group.

Along with this, there exists a general view among the management that in case a person cannot handle the little things, he/she might not be appropriate to handle the bigger duties or responsibilities. In other words, if one cannot even dress according to the norms properly, then it is believed that this person would not be able to take care of various things.

Merely wearing a celebrated designer dress would not change a person into a dynamic one. Simply going for the trendy shoes would not show a person’s intellect. A person’s personality, sense of style as well as how perfect the clothes fit the occasion would be detracting attention towards the type of impression one would set.

What if it is challenging to conclude, there is an unusual commonality among the manner people dresses. The fashion editors would definitely not dress in a similar manner a software engineer does. College going students would definitely have different dressing styles than a working individual. At a certain phase of an individual’s life, it pays to invest in an individual’s very own unique style as well as the manner one portrays oneself by the way of his/her dressing. Let’s think that it would not have been that important to be creative the manner one dress then everyone would not reach a point where a thing called ‘luxury items’ came into being. One would not give more importance to how we are going to look at some important occasions like parties, weddings or festivals. The more apparent someone’s sense of dressing is, the more value it would bring to the manner one dress.

One does not have to appear as if one came directly from a Dior fashion show, neither some other latest trending scenarios. What a person required to discover are some key statement itineraries that would pull the person’s look together as well as make the person look amazing on a regular basis.

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