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Einstein Advice to His Son How to Learn Faster

einstein advice to his son how to learn faster
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Einstein Advice to His Son How to Learn Faster

Genius people might be portraying remarkable abilities to get the grip of incredible intricacy; however, it does not turn out to be something which you were able to manage to corner one of the celebrated minds in history for a chat one can be confused about what they had to say. On the basis of Nobel Laureate Richard Feynman, the real symbol of genius is the capability to describe something simple. In case this statement is true, it is yet one more gesture of Albert Einstein’s extraordinary gifts. 


In the year 1915, Einstein uses to live in the city of Berlin while working on his concept of general relativity while his divorced wife uses to live in Vienna with his two sons. During an era before email and Skype, which certainly mean a daily transfer of letters between the celebrated physicist and his family, among many ones of which was lately uncovered by Maria Popova of the always appealing Brain Pickings blog. 


A short note to Hans Albert Einstein, who is 11 years old, does not solely depict Einstein in a comparatively in the dawn light as a caring father, although it also shows that Feynman’s viewpoint which is geniuses does not only converse through riddles but also in an expression which is exceptionally transparent. In this situation, Einstein utilizes this effective simplicity to provide youthful Hans Albert also to all of the readers who are listening in 100 years later—some incredibly excellent advice as to how to learn faster. 


Einstein says, he was happy to see that young Albert find joy while playing the piano. He further says according to him, carpentry, as well as the piano, is the best pursuit for his age which he feels is far better even than a school. Due to this fact, these are the things which are suitable for a young person like him. He should play mostly those notes on the piano which soothes him, even if the teacher does not provide those notes or ask to play. This is the actual way to learn the most when you love/enjoy doing something and you do not have any clue of the time. He talks about his experience and says most of the time he is so much engrossed in his work that he even forgets about his afternoon meals.  


This is no surprise that Einstein’s instinct that passion, flow as well as laughter are far better learning aids than the regular monotonous approaches about flashcards and highlighters have afterward been proved by studies. 


This is a true statement that one should love doing mostly what he/she likes the most. Following the trend will not be suitable for all. Each individual is different than how come each one follows the same patterns and keep doing the tasks the same way. There is a need to understand one’s very own potential and accordingly create his/her pattern of learning or enjoying what one really likes. 

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