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Employee Reward and Recognition

Employee Reward and Recognition
Employee Reward and Recognition


Employee Reward and Recognition

Employee rewards and recognition methods are beneficial to boost the morale of the employees to transform work tendencies and crucial behaviors proved advantageous to a limited enterprise.

Employee reward method attribute to the programs organized by organizations to give an award for his performance and boost the employee’s motivation on an individual or a team basis. Its consideration is different from the salary however might be financial in its character or in another way bears the cost for the organizations; limited enterprises too have initiated employing these procedures as a technique to ambush finest employees in an ambitious job role market so as to enhance the efficiency of individual performance. 

Both the procedures, employee recognition as well as the reward system, been identified as operating together but both have different set of goals altogether. Both are calculated to contribute towards a psychological-awards a monetary- aid. Even though various components of framing and developing reward and recognition systems are similar, it is effective to maintain this variation in mind, notably for limited enterprise owners engrossed in motivating their workforce at a lower expense.

In constructing a reward program, a limited enterprise businessman requires to differentiate the pay or the merit pay scheme against the reward system. Financial awards, principally those provided on a usual basis just like giving bonuses, sharing of profits, etc., should be fixed an individual’s or a team’s achievements and must be deliberated as “pay at risk”, in a manner to separate these from the actual salary. Once this is done, a supervisor can get away in the sense, by authorization on behalf of the employee and making sure that the award accentuates merit or this is an efficient effort towards an achievement instead a simple elementary competency. 

Fundamentals to establish a Reward system:

•    Recognition of the organization as well as the team goals which would be the basic foundation of the reward program.

•    Recognition of the expected employee performance or attitude to emphasize the organization’s objectives.

•    Identification of the crucial assessments of the performance or attitude established on the basis of an employee or a team’s past accomplishments. 

•    Identification of applicable rewards

•    Conveying the information about the program to the staff members

•    In consideration to get profitable results just like elevated productivity, the maker of the reward system necessarily identify the organizational as well as the team objectives to reach the goal, as the main component of this system and the attitude and performance which would be required to support this.

•    Although this might appear certain, that most of the organizations undergo wrong decision of awarding attitudes or accomplishments which either neglect the goal of the organization or in reality hamper them.

•    In case the goal of a business is teamwork and a rewarding system which is delighting the individual employees who enhance their efficiency to perform on their own or with the help of another, will not be fair. In the same manner, in case of quality is a critical factor for a business owner, the reward system should not have relied on the quantity of the output created by a business department.

•    Accurate calculated performance makes sure the program awarded in terms of company’s goals. Considering that reward possess a real price in terms of finances as well as time, it is the responsibility of the business owner to make sure that the performance has in actuality been improved prior to rewarding.

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