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Being Employee Vs Being Entrepreneur

employee vs entrepreneur
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Being Employee Vs Being Entrepreneur

There’s a huge difference between being someone’s employee and being an entrepreneur and I am sure many of us will agree to this. It’s almost like travelling in someone else’s car vs having one’s own car. Well, harsh as it seems, but this is the actual reality. Coming to employees, these people are required to follow strict orders and schedules but at the same time, they also have the advantage of financial security. Entrepreneurs, on the other hand, enjoy their own freedom without any strict rules and regulations. However, they are more vulnerable to risks. But we are not here to figure out the pros and cons of being an employee or an entrepreneur. Neither are we trying to draw a comparison between them. We all know that both these categories are well – efficient in their own fields. What we are actually going to figure out is the difference in their acts, approaches and thoughts towards their own fields of work.

  • Motivation: Employees are motivated to work better whenever they grow or excel in their particular organization. This makes them work harder than their colleagues and also dream about accumulating a kind of authority over others someday. On the other hand, entrepreneurs’ motivation is hidden behind their actions and goals. They actually try to motivate themselves by working their way out to achieve their dreams. This is what makes them successful in the long run.
  • Risk: The best thing about being an employee is that one can get a kind of security (be it financial or job – related) when s/he is able to secure a good position in one organization. They get their paychecks and bonus on time which makes them financially stable. However, the same does not apply to entrepreneurs. These people run business at their own risk and nobody takes their responsibility if they face losses and neither do they get paychecks on regular basis.
  • Time: As it has been already mentioned above, employees have to work as per some strict schedules. They get leaves only on weekends and other important holidays. However, entrepreneurs do not have to follow such strict schedules when it comes to doing their work. They have flexibility in their work schedule which is actually a kind of advantage for them.
  • Personal life: The best thing about being an employee is that one can manage the timings between his or her work life and personal life. It is very easy for a person to live his life if s/he follows a fixed schedule and there is no doubt about it. On the other hand, it is mostly seen that entrepreneurs find it a bit difficult to draw a gap between their work life and personal life. This is because they do not have a fixed schedule and are often juggling between their work and personal life.


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