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Employer Branding

Employer Branding


Employer Branding

Employer branding is a mechanism of promoting an organization to attract an aspirant pool of individuals, whom the organization needs and desires to hire and retain. The process of employer branding helps the organization’s capacity to attract, hire and absorb excellent candidates, called as the talent pool in the hiring process by successfully carrying out the organization’s business strategy.

A company desires or not but it owns its employer brand by default. To have a productive employer brand promotion, the organization can draw the attention of existing and future aspirants, in case it has a status that is authentic, honest, significant, unique and ambitious. For its successful fulfilment, comprehensive research required to be administered, just to make sure that employer’s image not only calls out to attract the finest talent but to have a sync with its top management also.  

For setting up a tempting intrinsic as well as extrinsic employer picture, it calls for a dual consideration of talent’s aspirations along with the needs and desires of the company. This is inclusive of career anticipations for the talent as well as the aspired strategic ambitions for the organization. Once this information is being collected the next step involves organization initiating the process of defining its exclusive identity. This is termed as Employer Value Proposition in the terms of employer branding discipline. In its entirety, the EVP is the collection of exclusive employer deal which are in contemplation to the values of the talented pool.

Employer branding process inclusive of:

Analytics & Advisory Services: An organization has to make sure the nature of the value proposes as delineated in the EVP, to the existing and soon-to-be employees. EVP requires consent, trust, and support of the leading management. In case an organization is not sure of its value proposition to the talented pool, the employer brand cannot be turned on or efficiently promoted.  

Activation: The point of activation needs a 360-degree exchange of information, marketing intention to make sure the organization is procuring the appropriate talent on board and communicate in an appealing approach. It has to make sure that the talent sourcing’s business is creating a harmony between the organization and the talented pool, marketing and communication aspires from talent pool in setting up the organization as the employer of the choice.

KPI Development & Tracking: Employer brand promotion for a productive employer undergoes a continuous analysing and calculating features while utilizing various drive techniques, information, mediums, etc. are obligatory. It is compulsory for an organization to agree upon Key Performance Indicators and monitor the performance standards in contemplation to continuous enhancements.  

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