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Excuses Holding You Back From Being Entrepreneur

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Excuses Holding You Back From Being Entrepreneur

Being an entrepreneur is not an easy task, especially when it comes to starting everything from zero. Moreover, everyone will agree to this fact that each and every individual does not have the potential to become an entrepreneur. Those individuals who have innovative minds and thoughts and are always on a searching spree for earning money and making profits are the ones who are ideal for becoming successful entrepreneurs. However, there are certain things that might hold you back from becoming an entrepreneur. One of the most common and worst things which will stop you is excuses. Yes, you heard it right! Excuses happen to be one of the most common factors which may stop you from becoming an entrepreneur.

It’s a universal fact that we human beings are very good in making excuses and none of us can deny this fact. The same happens in the case of entrepreneurship. Individuals start giving excuses in the very beginning which include complaining about running out of skills, money or many other things which pull them away from their dream related to entrepreneurship. Now, let’s try to understand some of the excuses which may hold back individuals from becoming entrepreneurs:

  • Stability related to the current job: Most of us have the fear or tendency of losing our jobs. It’s a psychological thing and we definitely should not blame ourselves for this. However, if we have the perfect plan for starting a business on our own, then there is nothing wrong in writing a letter of resignation and sending it to your present employed. Well, of course, it will be a little tough for you in the initial stage but later on you will thank yourself for taking such an amazing decision which changed your life!
  • Limited capital: This is the most common excuse given by an individual when it comes to thinking about starting a business. But we should be very clear about this fact that no one has sufficient capital to start a business at their initial stage. However, some individuals are able to cope up with this problem within a very short span of time and are able to become successful entrepreneurs owing to their hard work, dedication and innovative minds.
  • Waiting for something better: Waiting for opportunities is a good thing. However, that does not mean that we should let go of the smaller chances or opportunities which come our way in between. If we look at the history of some of the most successful entrepreneurs of the world, we can see that all of them have started with something very small which includes making the most of small opportunities and chances.
  • Fear of failure: No one wants to fail in their lives. But what if one single failure in life can lead you to success in the mere future? That is why the intellectual people always say that ‘failure is the pillar of successes and there are numerous living examples to prove this right, especially in case of entrepreneurship.


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