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India Education System Need Reform With Emphasis on Science and Mathematics

India Education System Need Reform With Emphasis on Science and Mathematics


India Education System Need Reform With Emphasis on Science and Mathematics

During World War 2,there is famous incident of breaking the enigma machine code. Now,in popular culture due the movie “The Emitation Game” starring Benedict Benedict Cumberbatch. This was the 1940s where computers were large machines housed by mighty governments for research and development. Encryption has it’s very limited usage of sending messages during war and you can see now how it changed the course of war in WW2.

Today a computer is in everybody’s pocket and encryption plays a huge role in day to day life. From messages you send in whatsapp to a signup form you submit in a website, or cryptocurrency, everthing has encryption at it’s core. So an entity that can break the encryption could have God like power and can have access to unlimited information.And information is power. Just look at the incident related to Cambridge Analytica.

Since, India has very little access to encryption technologies, backdoor access is impossible. Whatsapp can deny India, access to it’s data and leave India with the data and harvest it later for good or malicious purposes.

So how does modifying the education system come into play?

The only way India can be ahead in the game is by training and producing world class Mathematicians. If you look into the Wikipedia page of the movie,”The Emitation Game”, it says that “based on the biography Alan Turing: The Enigma “.

Education reform has been put into backburner by Indian politicians and bureaucrats. If we fail to convince them, then the defense establishment should start it’s own schools and colleges. We already have Sainik schools, may be we should start there and expand further ahead. Other defense forces are going for pace force, we may need to do that too. But we would also require mathematics force which would fight battles daily and silently to protect us.

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