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Jawa Motorcycles are Coming Back in India

Jawa Motorcycles are Coming Back in India

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Jawa Motorcycles are Coming Back in India

In this festive season, the Mahindra Group which is considered one of the premier automobile groups in India revealed the news of coming back of Jawa motorcycle. The last model of Jawa motorcycle last sold in 1996. Since then, this model has never been seen by any individual in India. Anand Mahindra, the chairman of Mahindra Group hinted the launching of Jawa motorcycle in India through twitter.

Tweets by Mr .Anand Mahindra

Tweets by Mr. Anand Mahindra

This tweet creates buzz around the media corner in the country. The media expected the Jawa motorcycle is yet to come at the end of the year. They are also estimating the expected price of the Jawa motorcycle.

After the end of the festive season, the Jawa motorcycle is yet to come in the market. Before discussing all these, it is important to mention the newly established company called Classic Legends by Mahindra Group. This company will launch the Jawa motorcycle. Let come to the details of the upcoming Jawa motorcycle. As per the report from media, the look of the Jawa will be fascinating and pleasing. To talk about the engines of the bike, it is more beautiful than the previous one. But the engines looks the same as the previous model of the Jawa. Overall to talk about the look of the bike, it is important to state the look and the engine gets a full point.

The Jawa of the new generation will come up with a new avatar. The new model of the Jawa will be presented with a single cylinder, DOHC,293cc, and a four-stroke engine. The engineers have given the best touch for creating the new generation Jawa bike. The motor of the bike is tuned to produce 28Nm of torque and 27bhp. According to the expert of the company, this motor produces the flat torque curve and mid-range curve for the continuous powered ride. In addition, the new Jawa bike will be presented with the new avatar.

As per the information, the sound of the new Jawa will like the old Jawa. It is heard that the engineers are emphasizing on the importance of the sound and the engines. The engine is built on a BS6 ready platform.  The system of the fuel injection has been properly tuned for the enjoyable rides. It is a big challenge to give the tone of the classic 2- stroke on the present generation 4-stroke.

It is reported that the sound engineers in Italy are working hard with the engineers of the company to discover the sound which may become worthy of the modern generation Jawa.

The new Jawa will come up with retro design at the modern generation. It will offer the same whistles and bells which we find in modern bikes. But the retro design differentiates the Jawa from the other bikes. It may be mentioned that the new Jawa may remind the model of the old Jawa D250. Apart from this, there is the existence of the buzz about the expected price of the new Jawa. As per the information avaliable, the range of the new Jawa may hover around 1.5 lacks. So it is the time to wait for the arrival of the new Jawa and see the future of the new model in India.


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