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Nine Word Gem by Jeff Bezos

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Nine Word Gem by Jeff Bezos

Jeff Bezos is a renowned personality, known for his unique concept of online selling of the books which created history. Bezos has more than zillion alternative ideas, he has a lot of practice in selling as well as getting support for his ideas too. The question is to whom does Bezos sell his ideas? He runs the joint. This does not mean that he browbeat his executives and expects they should execute all of his cherished ideas. He delivers his executives a powerful voice.

During the re: Mars Amazon fireside chat, in June 2019, Bezos pronounced that he utilizes the idea to ‘disagree and commit’ whole of the time. The main idea of this approach is that in case he does not settle for an idea as he believes it will not work, he would assert that, although which does not mean that he would close it down. For several aforementioned ideas, he will not settle but at the same time, he will commit as well. Bezos says he is very much clear when he says he does not settle for an idea as he feels it will not work although he makes sure that he will never fall for ‘I told you so.’ He says he will be in your team and will do anything which can make it work. There is no dictatorship here. For those situations when he is fighting for an idea which he feels strongly about although his team does not support, he would say a nine-word gem.

“I want you to gamble with me on this.”

This shows vulnerability as well as humility and depicts the team members that you don’t consider that you own all the answers. It recognizes that you are aware of the risks it carries and that the idea might not be suitable, which means it is a calculated risk or gamble.

There exist numerous situations where saying “I want you to gamble with me on this” will not work. It cannot be your one-liner for anything you want to be done. It will not sound good all the time nor will it have its effect. One should save it for the gigantic, adventurous ideas for which one is most passionate about. Also, the gamble one is talking about must be undergone solely after comprehensively assessing as well as a healthy discussion. The gamble cannot be undertaken on an idea that required homework. This is ideal to inform the team members before asking them to gamble on anything, about all the why’s of the gamble. What’s the payoff that’s worth very possibly being wrong for? This is a clear case of gambling instead of a sure bet, where you are seeking the support of the team. This is why, for them to fully commit to it, they must clearly understand the upside.

Last for not the least, it is paramount that as a leader one should take full accountability of the gambles which does not work also talking about the credits around for all those people who put in their efforts.


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