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Kanwal Singh Chauhan : Padma Shri Farmerpreneur

Kanwal Singh Chauhan : Padma Shri Farmerpreneur
Kanwal Singh Chauhan : Padma Shri Farmerpreneur


Kanwal Singh Chauhan : Padma Shri Farmerpreneur

To most people it is dirt; to a farmer it is potential. Most of us see murkiness in dirt; a farmer sees rich soil in it, soil which will give birth to a large variety of crops from which you may just get nutrients, but many more will get a livelihood. Every civilization which had emerged in past resided next to a river, so that farming could be done.  Agriculture was the start of civilization and even today it is more than dirt, plows, and tractors. Agriculture is the largest industry in the world and employs the majority of the workers in the world. Every business directly or indirectly depends on it and every farmer directly or indirectly contributes to the growth of a nation. One such farmer who brought a small or should I write a baby revolution in this nation is Kanwal Singh Chauhan, the father of baby corn farming in India.

Thomas Jefferson who served as 3rd President of United States had quoted that, Agriculture is our wisest pursuit, because it will in the end contribute most to real wealth, good morals, and happiness. When you will meet Kanwal Singh Chauhan, these words by Thomas Jefferson will ring truer to you. Kanwal Singh Chauhan is from Aterna village in Sonipat district of Haryana. A MA LLB holder, Kanwal Singh Chauhan is doing farming since he was in 10th standard when his father died. To look after his 2 sisters and 3 kid brothers, Kanwal had to juggle between his studies and farming. Being from a poor background, Kanwal always thought of making farming profitable by earning more and investing less.

Initially when he went to market, he saw that basmati rice is the most popular grain at that time. He immediately bought 4 kg of basmati rice for Rs 4/kg (price at that time) and started basmati rice farming which became so profitable that most of the sugarcane growing farmer and chilly growing farmers around the area gave up their traditional farming and started basmati rice farming.

Later as the profit from paddy farming started decreasing; Kanwal Singh thought of adopting new techniques and decided to star baby corn farming, the first in Sonipat. For that he went to an officer from ICAR (Indian Council of Agricultural Research) and asked for methods with which baby corn farming can be done. He was guided by him and was given 60kg baby corn seeds which ICAR then imported from Thailand. Having no knowledge of baby corn farming, Kanwal Singh first studied the method of baby corn farming and then started his revolution.

Baby corn unlike most other crops is yielded thrice in a year and in lesser acre produces more profit due to its high market price. Kanwal Singh who was ridiculed in the beginning for starting farming of such an unknown crop is now one of the most progressive farmers in Haryana. Aterna village started baby corn farming and later it was adopted by farmers from Sonipat. Around 400 farmers cultivate baby corn and yet the demand of whole Delhi-NCR is not fulfilled.

Kanwal Sigh not only stopped at baby corn farming but went on to cultivate mushroom and sweet corn too. Also, he played a crucial role in creating a profitable market for farmers where he ensured that farmers will get dues of their hard work. He along with other progressive farmers ensured that through co-operative farmer society spot prices of baby corn are fixed for minimum value such that farmer will always have a profit. Also, a processing unit of the co-operative society is set-up which helps farmers for processing the baby corn if external units demands unnecessary prices. Baby corn seeds are now being developed in Aterna and farmers from all over India come and buy them from here. Kanwal Singh is now also exploring Honey Bee farming and is also encouraging others to do so. For his unconventional approach and rising above the conventional farming of Old age India, Kanwal Singh Chauhan had won Rajiv Gandhi Award, Sonipat Ratna Award 2008 and many such Awards. In 2010 he won N C Ranga Award from ICAR with price money of Rs. 1 lakh. N C Ranga Award which is named after freedom fighter and father of Indian Peasant Movement Gogineni Ranga Nayukulu felicitates farmers involved in diversified agricultural techniques. In 2019, Kanwal Singh Chauhan was conferred with Padma Shri for his contribution in diversified farming and showing millions of people, new ways of farming. After receiving the news of being conferred with Padma Shri, Kanwal Singh Chauhan modestly said that it not just appreciation of his work but Padma Shri is appreciation of the hard work every farmer does. This modesty is what farming teaches and develops good morals as said by Thomas Jefferson.

Disclaimer: The views and opinions expressed in this article are those of the author(s) and do not reflect the official position of Article had been published on as-is basis and does not assume any responsibility or liability for any information(s) on this article.

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