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Leaving Legacy Matters More

leaving legacy


Leaving Legacy Matters More

For many people, legacy is something which matters to only wealthy people. But just because these people can send their children to top notch universities or pass on their massive property on to their next generation does not mean that only they can have the requirement of maintaining a legacy. Nowadays, many intellectuals and other well – known people have accepted the fact that legacy should matter to everyone and that it is something which should matter more than money. The main fact here is that everyone leaves a legacy behind them – whether it is big or small, good or bad, positive or negative.

But the main problem here is that many people have a very wrong notion about the entire concept of legacy because of which they mostly relate it to rich or elite class people. However, legacy is something which has an impact on our closed ones and other people around us. It is a combination of the ways in which we live our daily lives and at the same time, impact others’ lives. If we leave behind an amazing legacy then people will appreciate us even after we leave for the heavenly abode.

Money, on the other hand, is something which is temporary and is not associated with anything. It is something which can only be earned (or inherited, given that you are rich). However, it will not have an impact on our personal life, whether we are dead or alive. Once a person is dead, people will not ask about the huge amounts of money s/he has incurred or the massive amounts of property which he left behind.

But what people will actually talk about is his/ her legacy. What you will leave behind actually is your own legacy – whether you like it or not. You can term it as something which you have harvested your whole life. We cannot deny the fact that sometimes we think about how people will think about us after our death. Well, everyone wants to be known after their death, isn’t it? At least among their close ones, friends and acquaintances. This is the reason why the legacy of a person matters more than money and there is no second doubt about it.


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