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Life Outside Cubicle

life outside cubicle
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Life Outside Cubicle

In order to understand this entire article, first of all we need to know what exactly a cubicle is. For the unversed, a cubicle refers to a semi – private workspace with walls all around. It isn’t generally that big and sometimes does not even extend to the ceiling! More often cubicles do not even consist of desks, office bins or any such related items. So what are cubicles actually made of? Well we can refer them to be certain building blocks which are connected to modular furniture so as to meet the needs of office spaces.

The best part of having cubicles is that they allow you to either add or remove items including the ability of reconfiguration whenever required. There are numerous advantages of having cubicles. First of all they reduce the cost of maintaining an owned or leased space. Moreover, you will have an authority over your own space and can handle or decorate it any way you want. Moreover, people won’t have to waste time to look for you as they will already know where you are already seated! You will also be able to work closely and collaborate with numerous people which might prove to be beneficial for you in the long run.

But what you also need to remind yourself from time to time is that life outside the cubicle is entirely different. There might be a time when you will get a better opportunity in reputed company which does not adhere to cubicle working ways. There you might not get a flexible working space just like you had in your cubicle before. You will be required to follow strict office ethics and be as formal as possible unlike that of a cubicle in which it is considered to be okay to be casual with others.

Moreover, you should also remember that you have a different life outside the cubicle which you need to go back to after 5 pm. So, it is definitely okay to prioritize your work and collaborations with office people but at the same time, it is also necessary to keep a track on your personal life. Most often, cubicles are available for 24 hours use. But that does not mean that you need to spend your entire time there, right? Many times, individuals get into the habit of staying in cubicles for longer hours because they find company in colleagues who work there along with them. However, this is not a good sign as it may affect your personal relationships outside the cubicle.

So basically the whole point of this article is that the life outside a cubicle is entirely different and one should definitely know how to bridge the gap between their professional and personal life. The same rules do not apply to those individuals who are employed in offices with their own working spaces. They have a fixed routine, ethics and colleagues whom they face daily during their 9 to 5 working hours. Post that, all of them return to their normal lifestyle. But when it comes to working in a cubicle, these same rules may not apply to everyone and this is the reason why they should equally concentrate on their life outside a cubicle.

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