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Ways to Take Down Effective Notes

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Ways to Take Down Effective Notes

It is very common between each one of us that, we keep on taking down the notes especially back in schools and college days. Many of us do not realize the importance of taking down the effective notes, rather waiting time on the methods which in reality does not give fruitful results. The most effective methods of taking down notes are active although, highlighting, rereading as well as underlining are considered to be passive methods.

It is being suggested that highlighting is not that effective study method it might even affect someone’s remembering abilities, after all, it highlights specific notes and takes them out of their real context, which is hard for our mind to connect and which ultimately becomes harder for a person to remember the context. It is recommended, to have an extensive interaction with the notes as well as the material one is trying to infuse, in case a person wants to remember it.

The first active method to keep up the spirit is to handwrite the notes. It is not a good idea to take down notes on the laptop as mentioned the brain does not connect to the material and it becomes difficult to recall the content by a person. It is ideal for a student to watch a video lecture or a TED talk, undergo 30 minutes of hard cognitive tasks before taking up a quiz based on the information in the video. It is very much proven that the student who will write longhand notes will give a tough fight to the students who used the laptop to jot down notes. This is because when a student is handwriting the notes he/she it takes time to write long notes which is not the case writing on a laptop, but laptop written notes included a lot of verbatim transcription of the video so the student would not be engaged with the content which would not be the case with the person who is utilizing his hands for writing. As he is engaging his mind with the content he is writing and work is done for future use of the content.

It is a good habit to use a bullet journal. To maintain the handwritten notes arranged, it assists to index them by page number and topic, along with this utilizing a key symbol to categorize ideas, tasks, notes as well as alternate chunks of information quickly and seemingly.

Studies depicted that if you make your notes in the pictorial form there is a possibility that more likely you will remember it later. This is a good habit to draw your notes. Several pieces of research analyzed drawing versus writing and alternate methods for remembering words and discovered that drawing topped the experiment.

What if a person uses a combination of drawing with handwriting his/her notes along with a Bullet Journal or identical symbol classification system, or plainly select one method to try out today, it is very important to remember one thing that one should get away with their highlighters as well as quit wasting precious time transcribing their notes or documents on their laptops. As mentioned above this is not going to give the results we desire.

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