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Recruitment as a strategic Choice for Human Resource



Recruitment as a strategic Choice for Human Resource

In an effort to enhance the Human resource strategy of an organization it is crucial for its HR policies to be in lines with the strategies of its business. A strategic approach involves considering the goals and objectives of a company. Its crucial aspiration is to keep in line the diversified crucial components of HRM, herein the process of recruitment and selection in a manner that they operate in a sync with various other operations to attain organizational goals.

The process of recruitment and selection assuredly owns a highly critical impact on the well-being of a company and profitability of its business strategies. At this level, organisations encounter the major question of developing their present employees on the lines of fulfilling the requirements of vacant positions or to undergo the process of hiring new talents from outside. In order to construct a well-synced staffing policy companies establishes guidelines keeping these two assertions. Recruitment and selection processes carries powerful connections with HR planning and hiring conditions. In case there is inadequacy, the ardent talent would not receive adequate training and development amenities and will not be able to utilize the profitable team to its fullest. Therefore, it is essential for the recruitment and selection procedures to be in a productive sync with the policies of the organization and prior planning required to be executed to draw the attention of resourceful group of individuals. 

Staffing in the present scenario is considered to be the top most assets any company owns. Continuous manpower operations are the biggest reason which allows a company to survive the present industry demands and competitions. Hence, it is essential for an organization to keep filling the vacant job positions with highly qualified individuals although this is also true that, it becomes mandatory due to severe competitions as well as deregulations, elimination of tariffs to lessen the expenses or else preserve them at a fair level.    

Recruitment has turned out to be a quid pro quo for profiteering in the recent past. Due to costs involved in recruitment process it becomes essential for the organization to make choice with respect to choosing the right category of recruitment channel. This would help the organization to find the best suitable candidate in an optimal approach for the required position.  Social networking is considered to be the most impressive sourcing technique to aid the recruiters principally with present-day generation. Present-days social media is utilized almost by each human being to connect with friends and family, along with the job opportunities as well. Rather social networking is considered to be the prime most source for information as well as communication. The recruiters these days take advantage of social media as this involves reduced managing costs, and it is far more agile way with no geographical restrictions. The recruiters now amalgamating the traditional ways of recruitment with the internet-based recruitment by advertising job vacancies on print media and asking applicants to revert by applying online. The recruitment on internet has turned out to be a popular strategy, and students graduating today are taking advantage of this, due to easy accessibility of internet and application for a job is a click away, this makes the recruitment process simple to use in a cost-effective way.

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