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Stranger Things – Let’s Go Back to the 80s! (Unknown facts about the show)

Stranger Things - Let's Go Back to the 80s! (Unknown facts about the show)


Stranger Things – Let’s Go Back to the 80s! (Unknown facts about the show)

If you happen to be a Netflix addict, you must have definitely watched the popular series Stranger Things. Well, if you haven’t, then just grab a bowl of popcorn and indulge yourself into the world of the 80s era along with some creepy feelings and experiences with this show. The show is about a bunch of kids (well now they have become adolescants) who embark on a dangerous journey where they need to fight with strange beasts and get caught in a series of adventures after they meet a strange girl named Eleven. If you are still thinking that this might  be just another kids show, then you are highly mistaken.

Now, coming to the show, here are some of the surpising facts related to it which might be of great interest to all the Stranger Things fans. Check them out!

 1. The show has been inspired by many real life time travel projects and some other scientific experiments that were really conducted on children. It is also said that the show is based on certain conspiracy theories which are real as hell! Ooh! That’s a bit spooky huh! The most famous one that is being talked about is the Montauk Project.

2. A total number of 307 girls and 906 boys were being auditioned for the lead roles in the series. The casting director Carmen Cuba herself took the task of auditioning these 1213 child actors in order to select the main ones for the show. However, Gaten Matarazzo who plays the role of Dustin, was cast immediately despite having many other child actors at the disposal for the role.

3. The famous author Stephen King was the one who recommended the name of Millie Bobby Brown for the role of Eleven. It is said that Stephen saw her in a BBC show named intruders and praised her work in his Twitter account. This gave her a heads up to be cast in the role of Eleven in the show.

4. Stranger things was originally meant to be an anthology series where the characters as well as the settings would have been changed every season. However, the characters of Eleven, Mike, Lucas, Will and Dustin became so popular that the makers decided to continue with the original series.

5. In the first season, when Eleven was dressed by others in a pink dress and a blonde wig, it was an effort by the makers to pay homage to Steven Spieberg’s classic movie E.T. Millie, who plays the role of Eleven was also informed that she is going to be an alien!

6. All the kids in the show happen to be real – life friends and also share a good bond with each other. According to a report, their group chat is also named as Stranger Chats! They have also gone out for Halloween together.

7. Bob, Will’s mother’s new lover, was supposed to be killed by Will himself! But later on the plot changed and then we all know what happened to this lovely geeky character in the show (Sigh!) The show has successfully completed two seasons and is gearing up for the premiere of its third season soon. So, what are you waiting for! Go ahead and enjoy this amazing series filled with creepy demogorgons (Well you have to watch the show in order to know what is it!) and adventurous kids.

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