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The Changemaker Sir Richard Branson

The Changemaker Sir Richard Branson


The Changemaker Sir Richard Branson

Richard Branson is a British Entrepreneur, founder of Virgin Group and an investor. The Virgin group has more than 400 organizations in more than 30 countries from absolutely dissimilar industries. It is difficult to know the real number of ventures managed by the Virgin Group. Many believe that even Richard Branson himself does not know the number of business venture ideas are being executed under the branch of the Virgin Group. Moreover, the beauty of its organizations cannot be found in the numbers of the ventures rather in the excellency of the services supplied.

Richard Branson carries an exceptional personality, principally known to the common people for his following the non-standard patterns for work, including the formulation of the reality show of his, The Rebel Billionaire: Branson’s Quest for the Best, and various endeavors to make world records, containing the fastest ever Atlantic Ocean crossing. A billionaire having the word hippie attached to his name, an expert of shocking, a nail in the boot of enormous business- to make its foundation strong, an iron fist in a velvet glove- a firmness. His self-confidence, higher levels of humbleness, trustworthiness, genuineness, eagerness, enthusiasm, idealism, optimism, kindness, optimism, and passion brought him the title of Richard “The Robber” Branson, by the Prince of Wales due to his excellent “services to entrepreneurship” – everything is about Richard Branson.

He is a school dropout of not having much interest in studies at 16 and started his own magazine called “Student”. It was considered as the mail-order order venture. He generated speedy money by selling ads to domestic businesses. He addresses relating to education in his book, “Like a Virgin: Secrets They Won’t Teach You at Business School”. His success from mail records helped him open his very own recording label as well as recording studio “Virgin Records”. At the age of 23, he was able to position himself in the millionaire leads. Presently, his Virgin Records is famous as Virgin Megastore.

His next breakthrough came with the situation when he was about to fly to meet his girlfriend at the Virgin Islands, but somehow the flight got canceled and an entrepreneurial mind struck. He identified a small blackboard and scribbled “Virgin Airlines $29” on it. He soon sold tickets to the individuals who were waiting for this trip. He hired a chartered plane utilized that money and everyone reached their terminal with the service of “Virgin Airlines”. Richard Branson did hypothetical testing already for his next big venture and converted into a real business and founded the famous “Virgin Airlines”.

This is the eventual lesson which could be learned from the stories of successful people, that they start before they feel they are ready. It means they do not sit back and make plans and wait for the right time rather go out gather the resources, experiment it and bingo! It happens. Richard Branson has a mindset and he follows it “Screw it, Let’s do it.” His published which has the same title says it all.

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