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Tips to Feel Valued at Work

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Tips to Feel Valued at Work

There are times when a person feels unseen and unheard at the workplace, according to the author of the book ‘How to be Happy at Work’, Annie McKee, she says everyone has that human need eventually be appreciated for the efforts. So, when your efforts and contributions go unnoticed and unappreciated it induces a feeling that you do not belong. Also, the person starts to think about his professional potential growth. Do thoughts start to pop up in the head that supposing no one notices then how I am going to get ahead? There are solutions to make sure people know and perceive what your contribution is. According to Karen Dillon, the idea is to look for diplomatic approaches to talk about one’s achievements.

It is always ideal to reach out to people you trust for their opinion on either the amount of recognition you are expecting from your peers is logical. One has to always remember that people have their things as well, hence they are busy. One can recognize and appreciate the efforts and contributions of other individuals. By perceiving a good job which is done well, you are helping to build a culture which is more positive. Reach out to understand and learn the ways to carry out your work in a more visible manner.

In case, you feel your more than average efforts are parting unappreciated, organize a meeting with your boss according to McKee. This would be simpler with fewer managers than alternate ones. A standard boss would not give much attention to the individual’s needs. In case you are the case is such, one has to keep in mind, you should not waste your efforts to change that person rather u can simply give him a signal that you would like to receive feedback on your efforts or performances. In case your boss is between average to good then he will receive the message. But the whole process should be subtle.

In case you are a manager of a team, and in these kinds of busy schedules, your boss, as well as peers, might not be having an idea of what is going out in your team or in and out of your contributions. It is ideal to talk to your manager, during meeting talk about what are the roles and responsibilities of your teammates, and how you are striving to do better each day. There must be a mention of the creators of presentations as well as the reports. This is also necessary that each individual’s name must be mentioned in the work product. This is because you would love to everyone along with your manager to perceive what your team is up to and their contributions should not go wasted.


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