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Why AI Will Never Replace HR Recruiter?

ai will never replace hr recruiter
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Why AI Will Never Replace HR Recruiter?

The anxiety of losing AI jobs, especially in the conscience of the HR recruiters has turned out to be a major area of concern these days. The HR department of an organization holds overwhelming responsibility of hiring the right fit, for the efficient working as well as productivity of an organization. Moreover, previously, the AI bandwagon illustrated as a disruptor of the jobs which activated major concerns throughout all the industries, inclusive of HR dept. The doubt of losing the jobs to AI is baseless and arise out of ignorance.

Provided the epidemic rise in digital power, the systems of AI can process not less than millions of data in fragments of seconds and acquire information from it. For instance, Google’s DeepMind AL, AlphaGO has given a tough fight to Lee Sedol, which is the world hero of GO (just like a chess game) in the year 2016. Now, if we look at the tasks or jobs where a person has to do repetitive tasks, just like a data-entry job, here AI works the best and this repetitive task can be easily be done through AL system within a fragment of seconds.

There are tedious jobs which AI can master by analyzing millions of existent data. Jobs which does not ask for analytics or skills like creativity can be discharged to AI’s disposal. This change has been seen in the supermarkets where the automated kiosks have taken the place of the cashiers. Gourmet hamburgers are now being made by the robots. The fact which needs to be understood is that doing the same task again and again on a regular basis ultimately would lose their employment to automation.

AI technology is excellent for employing repetitive tasks or automotive tasks, just like providing information by analyzing patterns, or might be getting engaged with humans to sort out high-frequency problems with effortlessly accessible solutions. Although, what about those tasks which need analysis, creative thinking, leadership, and innovation? Especially, talking about HR, where recruiting someone involves analyzing a candidate’s stance and credentials.

An AI system will not be able to analyze a 100 Fortune organization leader in a manner to come up with a crucial decision for the growth of an organization. In case it learns from 100 of the experts or leaders specific to one industry, every leader’s logics invalidating their decision would differ exclusively. The exceptional thing about human being is that they possess something farther than just the acquired knowledge which is the result of our decades of experience as well as feelings which combines with the inclination for risk-taking which has been the foundation of all the innovations around the world.


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