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Your Boss Hates You. What You Should Do?

boss hates you
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Your Boss Hates You. What You Should Do?

It is sometimes not possible to get along with each office staff one work with, although if it about the boss, it should be considered as in the best interest to forge a favorable relationship. According to Dana Brownlee, author of the book “The Unwritten Rules of Managing Up”, the relationship holds an immense impact on the course of an individual’s career. It is believed that it is very challenging to be successful in case your boss if not your significant advocate. Ultimately, it is your boss who possesses the power to elevate your position, can fire you and support you also designate you on high-profile assignments.

Avoid playing victim

It is not intelligent to talk about the issues around the office, you have with your boss. According to Steve Arneson, it will spiral on you. Whining around the office would hurt your individuality and could finally come up to your boss and bruise the relationship much further.

Start examining 

Everyone has varied working styles, and it is optimal when together manager, as well as the employees, are adaptive to accommodate each other’s requirements. According to Arneson, you are required to accept more responsibility than they provide. It is not required to do 90% of the work although one should better possess that attitude of engaging oneself with the responsibilities of the association rather waiting for them to take it. It is required to adjust to the kind and type of individual they are. One has to be very attentive to the fact that when the boss appreciates getting a better sense of what appeals to them.

Look for common ground

One should look for a genuine point of commonalities kindle the bond; in case you don’t seem to click with your boss in the first go. One has to research a little by looking around the boss’s cabin or be alert to their weekend review to get hold of the prospective clues on what activities or interests both of you may share just like any hobby, same hometown, same sports team, etc.

Acquire information from insiders

In case you are not do not work in close proximity of your boss, then look for the person who is in closer proximity and take advice from them how to get in. Tell them that it is an initiative to build a good bond with the boss and ask them any pointers. Mostly, these people would open up and provide you with what to do and what not to do, according to Brownlee.

Don’t force it

Creating a good relationship with your boss is an endless process, particularly when one is trying to heal the wound—- but yes, it cannot be imposed always. Give some time to the relationship to set up and try to let it occur naturally. Look for opportunities to engage in events in which the boss is going to take part. This provides one with an opportunity to be in their space.


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